Welcome to Gaias Own

Welcome to the Gaias Own website!

Our home world, Earth or “Gaia” was named after the Greek titan Gaia who symbolized our Earth.

Each of us is Gaia's own offspring and a sentient member of this precious planet. Each individual actively contributes to Earth's homeostatic balance and evolution through our psychological and spiritual growth, the offering of our unique gifts to our people, and our intuitive and intentional evolution for the purpose of maximizing those gifts.

Gaia's Own and Linda Aylward offer Sacred Journeying for you and your animal family; the opportunity to heal yourself and others through learning to Sacred Journey; experiencing and learning the healing energy of Reiki; and balancing the flow of the energy of your surroundings through Feng Shui.

Please feel free to contact Linda Aylward to learn more about services offered and courses available.





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